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Since 1974, IMS Inc has been a leading US manufacturer of microelectronic surface mount components including chip resistors, chip attenuators, RF terminations, dividers, splitters, couplers, low pass filters and thermal management devices. We consistently exceed customers’ expectations of quality, value and service with the shortest lead times in the industry.
Why IMS?
Unmatched service and attention to detail since 1974.

Cutting edge thick & thin film capabilities.
Ohmic values from 0.003Ω to 1TΩ. Attenuation to 70dB. Operating frequencies to 40GHz. Power ratings to 380W.

LOW MOQs! As low as 25 pieces!

LARGE INVENTORIES! We have millions of chip resistors & attenuators in stock.
New Products!

IMS welcomes Taylor Marketing as our rep in Colorado, Utah, Montana and Wyoming

IMS releases TN-009, "Dictionary: Know Your Resistors

IMS welcomes Stephen Bess Associates as our rep in Arizona and New Mexico

IMS News!

IMS releases new white paper Passive SMT mounting techniques: Face-up Vs Face-down and Performance Tradeoff

IMS welcomes Coastal RF Systems as our rep in Southern California

IMS releases TN-008, a new technical note on HiPot testing of the ThermaBridgeTM

ITAR Statement
ims announces our newly expanded and improved online webstore! Click here or on the shopping cart above for a new shopping experience.
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